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Job Description
Submissions will be received and reviewed through mid-November. After carefully reviewing the job description, applicants may submit resume with cover letter and references to:

Karl Ieuter
Chairman, Board of Directors, Camp Fish Tales



Thank you to everyone who assisted with camp clean up! Your assistance at preparing camp for closing for the season is greatly appreciated. We couldn't have done it without you!

Chemical Bank helps spruce up camp

A special shout out goes to Chemical Bank for choosing Camp Fish Tales as your charity volunteer day project. The boys cabin looks like new again with its fresh coating of paint. Your assistance with this project helped alot. Thanks so much!


40 vinyl clad mattresses
Wheelchair accessible picnic tables
Window blinds
Shades or curtains for office and medical buildings
Door stops
Light bulbs

Drywall repairs
Shower trim repairs
Bathroom flooring replacement
Lodge Floor replacement
Kitchen Flour Mixer - circuit needs replacing
Noise-reduction baffles hung in recreation room

New carpet or flooring for front rooms in cabins
Medical Building Supplies
Non-latex gloves, non-scented wipes
Arts and Crafts Supplies
Examples: Ribbons, Stickers, Pipe Cleaners, Construction Paper, Card Stock Paper, Posterboard, Foamboard, etc

What is Camp?

Camp Fish Tales is a 100% barrier-free, wheelchair accessible camp located on 67 acres on the corner of Erickson and Old State Road between Linwood and Pinconning (4 miles north of Linwood, 1/2 miles east of M-13). The lodge has a large dining room, a recreation room with many games, a large meeting area with a stone fireplace for those rainy summer nights and a full kitchen. The lodge is heated and air conditioned for year-round comfort. There are two large cabins for housing campers and attending staff. Other facilities include a medical building, covered chapel, two pavilions, archery and air gun ranges and a beautiful beach with an accessable dock for access to the pontoon boat and fishing!. The camp has a 5,000 foot nature trail (wheelchair accessible) that leads to an amphitheater and fire pit area.


We, Camp Fish Tales in unity will empower each other to achieve the highest level of self-esteem. Through encouragement, we will continue to grow in mind, body and spirit. We will recognized and meet each others' needs. We will carry this team spirit into our homes, our communities and preserve it for posterity.

We, at Camp Fish Tales, are dedicated to providing a unique camping atmosphere for those with special challenges. We are committed to being a highly respected member of our business and local communities. We will demonstrate a sincere interest in the quality of life of our campers, volunteers and fellow citizens. We will provide a camping environment that respects and encourages the potential of each individual. We will support and foster camper involvement as well as the opportunity to be part of a winning team. We will continue to be leaders in our communities and will strive to exceed the expectations of our campers, our volunteers and ourselves.

Mission Statement

Camp Fish Tales provides a unique and exciting outdoor learning experience where individuals with special needs interact and develop skills that enhance their health, abilities, independence and quality of life.


In 1993 Camp Fish Tales opened a one-week, overnight, camp at Saginaw Valley State University.  It was a good start, but parents and volunteers had a dream.  One day their children and friends would enjoy a true camping experience…healthy, fun activities outdoors…the chance to meet new friends and develop social skills in a completely new and safe environment…the “confidence building” experience of being away from home.  Hundreds of volunteers pitched in. Finally, in 1996, Camp Fish Tales opened near Pinconning in mid-Michigan.  This barrier-free, wheelchair accessible camp, located on 67 ½ acres, is a dream come true for campers and their loved ones.  Camp facilities include: a main lodge with a kitchen, dining area, fellowship room for gatherings, game recreation room and a small nursing station.  We also have two large cabins, one each for males and females.  Counselors stay in the large cabins with the campers to assure campers’ safety.  Eight staff (including the director and nurses for the camp) stay in three small, portable cabins. The ratio of staff to campers is 1:1, occasionally 1:2 if both campers have a higher level of independence.  This type of individual attention gives campers the chance to do more things for themselves, than they might be able to at home or in other settings.  We make every effort to allow and encourage them to do whatever it is they want to accomplish.  With each small success, campers’ self-esteem grows and their level of independence increases.

Who Can Attend

Camp Fish Tales offers camping opportunities to individuals who have a physical and/or a developmental impairment. Before accepting a camper at Camp Fish Tales, we make sure that we can adequately meet an applicant's needs. Due to our high staffing ratio and 24 hour nursing staff, Camp Fish Tales is known for accepting campers with more severe disabilities. It is often difficult for families to find an overnight recreational facility for their loved ones due to their disabilities. For caregivers, Camp Fish Tales offers respite, a chance to renew, or even a chance to focus on other family members.


We set out to design a camp that encourages campers to become more independent.  We asked our campers and families what would be needed and they told us:

  • Electronic doors that allow campers to enter and exit the lodge on their own.

  • Barrier-free bathrooms large enough for easy navigation in a wheelchair.

  • A 5,000 ft. nature trail, wheelchair accessible.

  • An archery & paint ball range with tripods to hold bows so that campers can aim and shoot on their own.

  • A multi-tiered campfire area designed so that wheelchairs can safely enjoy the fire.

  • An outdoor patio for dances and socializing with accessible picnic tables.

  • A chapel nestled in the woods with an accessible stage for campers to perform on.

  • A pond with an accessible dock and boardwalk for boating, swimming and fishing

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e-mail our office